Sun Tan Party stallion at stud

Sun Tan Party

2000 AQHA / NFQHA / ABRA Buttermilk Dun Stallion

Meet "Tanner!" This boy is one incredible stallion with breeding, disposition and athleticism like no other! He does a great job of passing on his wonderful characteristics. It is common to see gorgeous heads, kind eyes and great movement in his get. Sun Tan Party AQHA stallion


Tannner stands 15.1HH and weighs 1,250 lbs. He has very straight legs and nice, solid bone, a beautiful topline and perfect angles. A deep "V" in his chest, a long neck and clean throughtlatch. Big heartgirth, long underline and huge gaskins. Tanners head is very typey with the most kind eye you could get. He is just what you've been looking for! Sun Tan Party AQHA NFQHA ABRA Stallion


Circle T Training is currently standing a 2000 buttermilk dun stallion, Sun Tan Party, to outside mares. "Tanner" is a very level headed stallion with all the breeding, looks and agility that you could ask for in a horse. He is triple registered under AQHA, NFQHA and ABRA. Some of his get are haltering, and, as they age, will be ridden too. They have all come with beautiful color, great dispositions and super agility. Don't miss your chance to breed to the stallion of a lifetime!

Quincy Sun Tan Quincy Sun Dun Sir Quincy Dan
Penny Perk
Docs Hill Dee Hill Mount
Brewers Bar Dee
Scottish Sprite Scudder Scott Scottish
Kokomocha Mucho Leo Bar

2010 breeding fee (open to approved mares only)
$800.00 (30 day LFG and booking fee included)
Mare care: $10.00/day
Shipped Semen Available

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